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My Role

  • Product and Experience Design



  • August 2015 - Present

Weight Watchers helps members lead healthier lives

Everyone has probably heard the oversimplified statement, “if you want to lose weight, you have to eat less and move more”. Weight Watchers provides a framework that helps members be successful in their health journeys.

I’ve designed a diverse set of experiences at Weight Watchers

Journey motivates members by acknowledging their incremental successes on and off the scale.

I'm rethinking the Weight Watchers in-person and online experiences and how they work together. A lot of things add up to create an integrated and seamless experience including:

  • - the physical space
  • - content and curriculum
  • - service providers
  • - tech in the room
  • - and tech used outside the room
Please reach out directly to learn more.

I designed patterns and created processes to make the Weight Watchers experience consistent.

The process we use depends on the problem we’re trying to solve

However, there’s almost always some form of the following:

  • Finding opportunity spaces and defining goals with our product partners.
  • Collaborating with our research team to understand our members through interviews, usability testing, and contextual inquiry.
  • Ideate with a diverse group of designers, product managers and engineers. Good ideas can come from anywhere.
  • Design and test concepts-sometimes concepts are storyboards, sometimes they’re low fidelity wireframes.
  • Review each other's work and share learnings from our past designs and experiences.
  • Work with our amazing visual design team to create polished designs.
  • Work with our developers so that the designs get implemented as expected.
  • Learn how our designs perform after they are released and iterate to improve the products further.

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